What exactly is Pilardio, and what exactly does Pilardio mean?

Pilardio is a combination of Pilates and Cardio training, a specialized style of training for the cardiovascular and muscular systems.




How long has Pilardio existed?

Pilardio is brand-new, it`s a precursor for attitude, cardiovascular training, and the ultimate technique for Fat burning.



Why Pilardio?

For many years Pilates has been a firm programme within the German fitness market. Almost everyone knows Pilates training improves your posture and is good for your back, however, Pilates does not offer any form of perseverance or endurance training, and therefore lacks important elements of a complete training solution.


How does Pilardio work on my body?

With basic Pilardio training, the focus is to train the heart and circulatory system to work more efficiently, and to create a strong, healthy back and body. This type of training is very important, particularly for those who suffer weight issues, have diabetes type II, back pain, heart problems, high blood pressure etc.. With Pilardio, many of these things can be prevented, and are often eliminated. Not only that., it’s fun, exciting and is a funky new concept for all ages to enjoy.

German medical facts:

20 million people with diabetes (including the preliminary stages),

16 million have high blood pressure and

40 million are overweight!


Be a part of the Pilardio culture, and remove yourselves from this list.

Pilardio means prevention!

Why is having fun and laughing with Pilardio training so important?

From the psychological point of view, fun and laughter is important because it improves our physical well-being and recovery processes. The digestion is stimulated, and the metabolism is influenced positively. It improves the general state of well being, reduces stress and the negative effects of depression on health. The immune system is also thereby strengthened and also prevents illness, and the stress hormones (Adrenalin and Cortical) diminish. Laughter also strengthens the heart circulation system. 20 seconds of laughter corresponds possibly to the physical achievement of three minutes of quick oar. Besides, the cardiac infarction danger is halved by frequent laughter, and it has been said: “you cannot heal physically, if psychologically you are not well. We need only the positive line of sight, fun and laughter to heal”. Laughter improves the basic mood, and the negative effects of depressions and stress on health can be prevented or weakened just by having a great time. All of these positive effects can be achieved by guiding our subconscious to progress and pour out endorphins, and that’s just the start of it! With Pilardio, we make it fun……, and you’ll benefit more!


My gym does not yet offer Pilardio, how can I do the classes?

Any studio will surely pursue demands. Let your studio know Pilardio is a class you are interested in, or if you would prefer, we can contact them for you. If this does not suit your situation, we suggest you book with a personal trainer to start your Pilardio training programme.


How long does it take to notice the weight reduction?

Do you want to see it on the scales, or in the mirror? This all depends on how well you eat, on the training frequency, and on your individual body type. As a rule it takes 8-10 weeks for your body adapt, however the feeling of wellness is part of every session and it will take no time at all to notice the benefits of Pilardio.

May I practice Pilardio while being pregnant?

If you have already practiced Pilardio before the pregnancy, we suggest only basic Pilardio (Pilardio I) - without jumps. If, however you have never done Pilardio, please do not start any new physically exercises during this time without first consulting with your physician, as It can affect unfavourably your body, and unborn baby. Avoid additional stress when ever possible - training is physical stress ! Allow yourself and your child some rest and relaxation. Ask your Pilardiotrainer if you are still unsure, as they have the expertise and competence to help with all of your Pilardio questions.


How do I diet with Pilardio?

The short answer is, ask yourselves what you eat and why you eat it! Do you eat because you are hungry, or do you actually require something else? Your body knows what it needs, learn to trust your body and your appetite, but try to avoid eating after 7 pm. Try to remember that it’s not just a matter of creating a negative energy balance (consume less energy than necessary), the body is much more complicated and is definitely not a machine.

Pilardio works with the "JaWa Diet". Please go online for further informations.

… other questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask, just send us an e-mail.