Pilardio based on ten fundamental principles. This together yield the lifestyle. 
A few examples:

Breathing: how do you breathe so you feel.

Cardiovascular: Movement is life and life is movement.

Fun: is an important part because it's the engine in general.

Diet: there are countless diets out there, and there are also the own physical needs. Most diets often do not match with their own everyday lives.
Pilardio® works very closely with the "JaWa Diet". This diet support in finding what your own body really needs. It sensitizes and leads back (re-learning) to your own physical intelligence.

It's also about self-management. In seminars you will learn to make your life as you really wish. Completely autonomous and live as fullfilled and happy as it could be- that's here our goal. To bring you in that state of knowing your personal goals and dreams and get to know how you can implement them. Find your limits and accept it. Only then can you move them.

Full of inner peace, joy, strength and totally youself - this are the contents in the self-management seminars.

HERE you can read the complete lifestyle. Have fun and "I see"- effects here!