Infos for gyms

The media act as Pilardio new and long-term approach to the market!

Pilardio stands for attitude, inner peace, and weight regulation. The target group comes from all social classes and occupations.

- Pilardio Level I and II:  for people in all ages (excluding those with heart     conditions)

- Pilardio THINK!:           mostly people between 55 and 80 years

                                    also all interested people, who want to train their

                                    brains and strengthen their muscles

- Pilardini:                     children 6 to 12 years

The advantages for suppliers:

- be an innovative and well-informed studio that understands the needs of customers

- Attract new target groups of the market

- USP. Be one of the first offerer

- Save money: no cost for any equipment

- Increased classroom utilization

- Integrate customer emotionally
- Expands the general price level

- Customer satisfaction is increased. Living courses make the difference!



With licensed instructor, you can list your gym / club on the listing of Pilardio offerers. In that way, interested parties can find you easily. 
You have also the opportunity to order flyers, banners and other promotional material.

Gyms / clubs can rent 
Pilardio banner, each for 50, - € / month, or can buy it for 110, - €.

Flyers cost 500 pcs / 50, - € plus shipping charge.

Please get in touch with us about the
 shipping chargeshat prices- cause it depends of your country.

All prices not includes tax.

You want to order something? Send us an email for orders, please. After payment we will ship the goods.

The studio and club listing and links on this site are free-send
us an email with the exact link, address and brief information about your studio or club.