Further education

The media report about PILARDIO®.

As a great instructor you´re informed about new products on the market and as an innovative instructor you also know the needs of your participants.

You support them, teach clearly, make a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom, listening to them and you can advise them very well. That´s the points you differ from average instructors.

That's what we do too, and a bit more ...

Our aim of teaching is a differenz than what we can find on the market yet. We educate and teach a very high quality. Pilardio® combines social, physical and psychological components together. It is innovative, bringing joy, strengthens muscles, improves body shape, helps in self-management, helping to better health, brings the participants to inner peace and moves!
In Gyms Pilardio® becomes increasingly popular.
Apply now for a development as Pilardio® instructor to keep up with the time, to further one's personal development and remain successful.

Pilardio® education training

We offer gyms a education trainings- package for their instructors.

Each training (3 days) is completed with the successful completion of the final examination (after 6 weeks self-study) as a Pilardio Instructor. This entitles the successful graduates, to teach group classes in gyms and clubs.The basis is always the Level I.
Each three-day training- courses take place usually from Friday to Sunday.There are other modules that build on the base training. This lasts for two days. After the training every participant should be done internships and assistantships. Moreover, a trainingvideo must be submitted (before test). We recommend to practice every day on the own performance.

 After about 6 weeks, then (assuming video submission) is a one-day exam (theory and practice).The final examination (one day) is after 6 weeks of self- study (tested in theory and practice).

With the successful completion you will receive your license with the appropriate permission Pilardio in gyms and clubs, or to offer in physical therapy practice or personal training.
It is not allowed to offer Pilardio® courses under your own name/ label on the market. By permission of the trademark we see over the use of the name.

The education training

Pilardio® Instructor Level I
Pilardio® Instructor Level II

Dates for education training and tests

all dates are in the agreement with the gyms.

on request


Conditions for downloading
Registration for Download

Training locations are in all larger towns all over the world.
Please ask for details.

Prerequisite training Level I
Group fitness instructor or equivalent (for example dance teacher).

Helpful is to be a Pilates trainer and a licensed fitness instructor - but it is not obligatory.

Each gym will have a package. In other other ways, there are the regular fees:

The Pilardio Level I module takes 3 days and costs € 350.00.

When passing the test you`ll receive a one-year license participants automatically.

Each module that builds costs € 260.00.

Examination fee is € 90.00.
In the case of a
re-examination there is a fee of € 90.00.
Refresher course: 1 day, € 60.00.

All prices are plus tax.

Final examination
The final examination ward after about 6 weeks after the further training and takes one day. The test is theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Reached the minimum requirements of the examinee does not pass, he has the opportunity to get them in an investigation.
participation requirements of the final examination

Attendance and final examination Pilardio Level I
90% participation in the particular module
Detection of 20 held Pilates lessons (group or private lessons)
Detection of 10 held Pilardio lessons (group or private lessons)

Attendance and final examination Pilardio Instructor Level II

valid Level I lizence

90% participation in particular module
Detection of 10 attended lessons in this particular level

 Please feel free to get in touch with us for any further informations.