This is original Pilardio





Appropriate exercises from Pilates, strength training and from back exercises were set in motion and combined with elements of ballet, jazz dance and aerobics. All Pilardio exercises are  done while standing and the training is supported by fantastic rhythms. The step sequences are kept simple and there are easy to learn. Posture, fun, body tension, peace of mind and movement are in the foreground.

The Pilardio lifestyle offers apart from the physical activity also the inner motion. Motion, mentally as well as physically is the heart of Pilardio®.

Pilardio® connects mind & body. How? By way of breathing and concentration to the motion with the own body. It brings back the attention and awareness of the holistic union of a human being.

Joy (fun) and laughing are also important for the mental effects. Pilardio® classes and workshops are experiences of fun and enjoyment of the own self.

Take and live life easily, think of tasks rather then of problems.

Light mind – light body means that when the spirit is free and light – also the body is free and light. Pilardio stands for smart actions and precise movements  – during classes but also in life general (decisions making etc.) without loosing a keen eye of the own vision and lightness. Keep the overview and to stay focused on the things that really counts to you.

Besides the mental and physical aspects nutrition plays an important role in this lifestyle too.

Get to know by yourself the background of the statement: “I feel just pilardio” and just do it!

With a wonderful lightness, it satisfies the demand of all important needs in your life: managing one's own life, brings inner peace, a balanced and flexible body, stamina, reduces overweight and leads into a amazing figure.