We can tell so much, read here the opinions of others

Katerina DVD user from Greece

The DVD Lilardio Level 1 is great for many reasons!
First it gives a complete workout and it is unique because it is a cardio programme but with no shoes without hurting the feet. The movements
are worked in such way that the step is like the cats paws, touch the ground softly! The room of the shooting was nice and simple and Jasmin
as an istructor was very communicative , friendy, great outfit!
Also the whole concept of the dvd's presentation is nicely organised. I like the green colour and definitely the logo Light mind-light body is super!
The combination of music and moves give the trainee joy.  The choice of songs of the cd is great, they are motivating,  the rythm is built up
gradually and you want more!!! The T-shirt??? Good material, nice fitting, bright happy colour!

Ralph from Cologne, 42 years old 

At first I thought this is probably something for women and dancers. However, I've tried it, and it gives me a lot of fun. Some exercises were initially a bit harder because at this time I've just started this mobility training. I can recommend to all men, my attitude was better and I have lost 3 kilos, which is not the most unpleasant effect! 

Werner, triathlete

What a profit! Through the training I have received a faster and easier movement. On the biginning I didn`t beliefed that. Now my "normal" training volume is really a bit easier. Pilardio for me is a good basic endurance training. I am also regenerate much faster than before. Guys, I can only say that the Pilardiotraining is great. To a new hour! :)
Greetings to all, Werner