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Pilardio the CD is available. You need it, because it is unique!
Gema free, 13 tracks, in total 62 minutes. The CD has consistently 125 bpm.

The music brings fun, movement and a good mood - whether in classes or other companies.
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Price: € 26.90 plus shipping within Europe about € 5.00

Get the Pilardio workout Level I on DVD. Send us an email with the desired product (specify don`t forget to choose a language: German or English and your shipping address). We`ll send you via e-mail an invoice. After the bill payment we send your goods.

Price € 19.90, plus  
shipping within Europe are € 5.00

The Pilardio workout brings fantastic benefits:

  •      You improve your posture, you`ll be more present and more confident
  •      Your figure is toned and sexy
  •      You have more fun in life
  •      Your body is strong and flexible
  •      Your fat metabolism is activated, you burn annoying love handles
  •      You push your cardiovascular system
  •      You advance your mental fitness
  •      You will be more balanced and reduce stress

In short Pilardio fun, healthy and sexy! It makes the body fit and balanced mind.

Start your training with the well-known personal trainer and coach Jasmin Waldmann. She`ll leads you through the workout and explains all the exercises in detail.

DVD is in English and German. The running time is approximately 81 minutes.

Enjoy your workout at your home!