Director of Pilardio®

Director of Pilardio® worldwide, international Pilardio® Presenter and Master instructor


Diploma sports- and health trainer (IST)

Personal trainer (Deutsche Trainerakademie)

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) practitioner

Inventor and founder of Pilardio ©

Nutrition coach

certified Pilates trainer (Polestar)


My focus is a team effort between the body and mind. Weight management is my specialty. I live movement, fitness, healthy eating and mental balance. Likewise, I`m interessted with all types of communication. I see my appeal as passing my expericance to others.

Movement is the most important part in my life. Attitude and posture are my life themes. Since my childhood I am in motion. In the age of 7 years I started with ballet. Since then exercise and training are elements in my life.

I run and sprint, I'm passionate about strength training and functional training (functional fitness), swim, dive, dance and make every movement and sport, which brings me pleasure. I love to learn and go further.

My strengths include a high level of expertise, energy, spontaneity, motivational skills, empathy, openness and especially humor. My eyes are on the satisfaction in life. Through my numerous training, my degree course and my international experiences I have extensive knowledge regarding the physical and mental fitness, wellness, relaxation and well-being. The psychological component is covered by my experience as an NLP Practitioner.

Customers say, not only my strength and energy is transferred to others, it gives them also the courage to believe in themselves and change their lives permanently and positively. Find out for yourself how I work. Quickly you will see my enthusiaism infect you and my work will convince you.

“I love Pilardio cause it´s functional for people- according to many feedabcks.  I´m feeling much more flexible because of the mobilization and it´s fun to do a class with others.  I´m thrilled because of the healthy benefits.  And to be honest, it makes you look younger, it´s like an anti-aging program.  Admit it, the way we look is very important to us.  I am interested in the well-being of others.  Pilardio  connects  people, they laugh together and have a pure lust for life.  When my mind is feeling at ease, my body joins (ensues) my mind.  Life is too short just to be functional.”

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Master Teacher and Presenter


Main tasks: educate for Pilardio® level I and presenting Pilardio® in Greece.


Pilardio® Master Teacher and Presenter
Certified Pilates Mat Instructor and equipment (Physio Pilates Institute, Polestar and NYSY)
Certificate of dance and modern techniques (G.Kelly Studios/Greece)
Personal Trainer and Presenter
BA in French language and literature (University of Athens/Greece)
CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge University/UK)

Working Experience:

Fitness instructor at gyms, sport centers and schools in Athens and Lefkas island Greece
Organising bootcamps in Greece
Assistant of Pilardio® team at Convention with Pure Emotion in Germany
Worked as PR manager (receptions, events)
Assistant coach in AEK -football juvenile team
Group leader in a travel agency (Marathon Travel/Greece)
Tour operator in the incoming department (Gaitanos SA/Greece)


After many years of teaching several types of fitness programmes, like aerobic, step, dance, pilates, yoga, among other things
and  after a lot of travelling around the globe, in one of my travels, I was fortunate enough to run into something different!
That was Pilardio! I was thrilled only by watching it!
When I had the opportunity to try it in Germany and I had followed workshops with the very same inventor Jasmin, I was excilarated! Sweaty and glowy! Having a big smile and red cheeks!
Being energetic and considering the fact that I adore dancing and need to maintain a good posture and a harmonic body, after many years of ballet training as a kid, I found the absolute workout, my dream workout! Harmonic, well balanced movement in combination with right posture in core training! Simply the best, not only for me but also for people around the globe because it is also unifying.
Light mind - light body and people getting together and having fun! So nicely said by its creator Jasmin! Outstanding!

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Pilardio® Presenter and Master Teacher


Main Responsibilities: Pilardio® Presenter and Master Teacher


Since 2001 I am working as certified gymnastics teacher and personal trainer.
For the gym chain "Just Fit", I had coordinated preventive group classes and worked as a group class manager.

Now I am working within Dortmund - amongst other as Pilardio® Instructor.

Sabine meets Pilardio®:

I attended my first Pilardio class 2012 and was astonished and directly thrilled!

Finally a class format that requires stamina, manage that I sweat a lot and at the same time it´s a very precise work on posture, flexibility and strength.

What is unique: during the class it that participants are fully focused on its own body. It is meditative. The movements are pure awareness. Away from any distractions of everyday life. Just you count and your body. It is sheer fantastic.

My qualifications:

Certified gymnastics teacher

Pilardio® Level I Instructor

Pilardio® Presenter and Master Teacher

Sports Federation, Pilates C license

Aqua fitness trainer

Aerobics License

Zumba Instructor

Yoga licensed Instructor (Saf & Beta)

licensed Back trainer (IST)

Cycle Instructor
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